If Congress Isn't Going To Do Something About Student Loan Debt, I Will...

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I’m sick of Congress doing nothing about student loans so I’m giving away my book for free so you can help yourself.  This softcover book sells for $9.95 on Amazon but for a limited time I’m letting you download the electronic copy for free.  This book will Show You the Easiest and Quickest way to Pay Off Student Loan Debt, Expand Your Choices and Options and Get Back to Enjoying Your Life.


Get 101 pages of well organized expert training on these critical money techniques and strategies, you’ll learn:

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  • Resources on student loan forgiveness programs.
  • Creative ways to pay off student loan debt faster without earning more money.
  • How to save for your children’s college education when you are still paying for yours.
  • 99 ways to plug the leaks in your financial life that keep you stressed out.
  • How to make your student loan balances go down rapidly each month using the money you already earn.
  • How to relieve the enormous financial stress on yourself and your marriage that the debt has created by knowing exactly what you have to do and the specific steps you need to take to get completely out of debt in the shortest possible time.
  • How to identify the needs versus the wants in your spending plan so you can expand your financial choices and options without increasing your income.
  • How to build a proper spending plan so you can pay off your student loans and still be able to eat and live a decent lifestyle.
  • Strategies for ongoing financial organization, record keeping, and progress tracking.
  • How to clarify your goals, values, and vision so that you get the things done that really matter in your life without waiting for your student loans to be paid off.
  • How to create and maintain an emergency savings account even if your money routinely runs out before the end of your month.
  • How to build a complete financial inventory of everything you have to work with to accomplish your goals.(Hint: it’s more than you think.)
  • And much more…

Don’t be like other borrowers who fail by focusing on skipping vacations and their daily latte’s instead of the critical money strategies and techniques that hammer down student loan debt fast.

If you want your school loans gone, you need a proven plan to guide you. Download your copy of School Loans Gone today, and create your plan.  Sorry to say but it doesn’t look like Congress is going to be any help on this one.